What is hyperhidrosis?

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating that isn’t necessarily related to heat and/or exercise. Regular antiperspirants unfortunately don’t work well for those with this condition. It is a long-term, common condition that can often be caused as a side effect of medication taken. It is most commonly associated with the armpit area but can also affect other parts of the body such as the hands, chest, groin, feet and face. This type of heavy sweating can lead to social anxiety and embarrassment.

Botox® – more commonly associated with wrinkle reduction – is an effective treatment for focal hyperhidrosis. Botulinum toxin injections block the nerve signals responsible for sweating in the problem area, preventing eccrine glands from producing sweat. Normally, your nervous system activates your sweat glands when your body temperature rises. This is how your body automatically cools itself. In people with hyperhidrosis, however, the nerves that signal the sweat glands are overactive. When you receive Botox injections directly into the area of your body that commonly sweats, your overactive nerves are essentially paralyzed. When your nerves can’t signal your sweat glands, you don’t sweat.

Botox is a highly effective treatment for excessive sweating, drastically improving a sufferer’s quality of life.

The treatment takes around 30 minutes

Always go to a regulated clinic and ensure a qualified, medical practitioner is administering treatment. Hyperhidrosis at our clinic is performed by Natasha Lucy, an experienced and fully-qualified nurse prescriber who follows strict medical protocols in a safe, sterilised environment. Our clinic is monitored by the Care Quality Commission for your safety and peace of mind

Typically, you can expect to notice a difference within 7 days*. You can expect results to last for approximately 4-6 months. *Results may vary from person to person

After your hyperhidrosis treatment, Natasha Lucy Clinics will provide you with full aftercare instructions and ongoing patient support.


Amazing results as always! I would not visit anyone else but Natasha. I trust her implicitly and her quality of work never ceases to amaze me. Natasha’s bedside manner is second to none. She is kind, reassuring and incredibly professional. I cannot speak highly enough.

TC, Essex

Natasha was absolutely amazing. I was really nervous but she put me instantly at ease and was professional, warm and reassuring throughout the appointment. Just 48 hours on, and I have no swelling or bruising and am totally over the moon with the results. 100% I’ll be back in 3 months time. I cannot thank you enough.

SH, London

Amazing treatment with Natasha. The only person I would ever trust, she’s simply the best.

KH, Essex

I love Natasha’s work. I’ve been back numerous times and would never go to anyone else. She’s so professional and makes you feel so warm and welcome.

LM, London

Never did I dream I would get the results I did in just one visit to Natasha. I am so pleased with my new lips. Such a friendly and professional service. Thank You.

RR, London