Aqua Gold Facial

Tackles a wide range of skin concerns

The Golden Cocktail Facial by AQUAGOLD ® Fine Touch ™

For a flawless, super hydrated, glowing complexion, the Aquagold fine touch facial is true luxury for your skin. Feed and nourish your skin from within with this supercharged, 24-carat gold micro-infusion that delivers a personalised blend of ingredients directly into your skin. Its 20 hair-fine micro-channels work to tackle a wide range of skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, enlarged pores, pigmentation, acne scarring and hydration among more.

Tailored to your requirements

The Aquagold serum can be expertly tailored to create a specially formulated cocktail, tailored to your individual skin needs and making for the ultimate personalised facial experience. The micro infusuon facial device is applied to the skin in a gentle stamping motion to deliver the tailored Aquagold cocktails into the skin.

Loved by Hollywood stars and A-listers alike, the Aquagold facial treatment is an ideal pre-event skin prep, especially for brides-to-be, parties or red-carpet events.
The micro-channelling device used is Medical CE marked and FDA registered.


What are the benefits of Aquagold fine touch?

The Aquagold fine touch facial works to smooth your skin with dermal micro-hyaluronic gel, reduce pores, redness and oil production with micro-toxins, improve superficial acne scarring with micro-hyaluronic gels, brighten skin with micro-pigment reducers.

What is the downtime after an Aquagold fine touch facial?

There is no down time with Aquagold fine touch, just some short-term redness.

When should I schedule an Aquagold fine touch facial?

The Aquagold treatment can be part of your monthly skincare routine however, if you are having a facial as part of pre-event preparation, we advise that treatment should be carried out 1 week to a few days before the event itself.


Amazing results as always! I would not visit anyone else but Natasha. I trust her implicitly and her quality of work never ceases to amaze me. Natasha’s bedside manner is second to none. She is kind, reassuring and incredibly professional. I cannot speak highly enough.

TC, Essex

Natasha was absolutely amazing. I was really nervous but she put me instantly at ease and was professional, warm and reassuring throughout the appointment. Just 48 hours on, and I have no swelling or bruising and am totally over the moon with the results. 100% I’ll be back in 3 months time. I cannot thank you enough.

SH, London

Never did I dream I would get the results I did in just one visit to Natasha. I am so pleased with my new lips. Such a friendly and professional service. Thank You.

RR, London

I love Natasha’s work. I’ve been back numerous times and would never go to anyone else. She’s so professional and makes you feel so warm and welcome.

LM, London

Amazing treatment with Natasha. The only person I would ever trust, she’s simply the best.

KH, Essex